Embrace your inner-Spice!

Embrace your inner-Spice!

You could hardly have missed the fact that we have a Spice Girl working with us at 2Day FM! The fabulous Mel B was part of the biggest band since The Beatles and I reckon that achievement needs to be recognised.

The Spice Girls were a powerhouse hit machine. Not only did they sell 100-million records and became the biggest selling female group of all time, they also dominated radio and the clubs for about five years.

Their debut hit Wannabee was pop magic, combining catchy melodies with rap and super vocals. After that they had a string of million selling singles including the haunting ballad Viva Forever and the 60’s inspired pop gem Stop!

Fast forward to today and Mel B is also a judge on America’s Got Talent, while Emma Bunton co-hosts a top rating breakfast radio show in London. I saw Mel C wow the audience in the arena production of Jesus Christ Superstar last year, and Geri has had a bunch of projects including a bikini range and a visit to the Melbourne Cup last year! As for Posh, last I heard she was involved in fashion, but was spending most of her time with the family and kids.

No matter what they’re doing now The Spice Girls are bona fide music icons. So go on, embrace you inner-spice and download a track from them today!

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  1. Any chance you could possibly get an autograph picture of yourself and Mel B for my granddaughters Geoff. The both have a birthday coming up soon and they would be thrilled, they love listening to the Spice Girls. There names are Kiarni & Keeli.. would be so grateful..Love Paula


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