INXS: Never Tear Us Apart (Part 2)

INXS: Never Tear Us Apart (Part 2)

After last week’s stunning debut, focussing on the formation and rise of INXS, I was fascinated to see how Part 2 would play out, especially given the tragic ending we all know about.

Thankfully the final episode does not disappoint, and while it looks at the decline of the band and the personal problems of Michael Hutchence, it’s engaging and like last week you know you are watching Australian rock n roll history.

The way Michael’s ended his romance with Kylie is quite surprising, and the way he moves on to Helena Christensen and finally Paula Yates is fascinating viewing.

While Part 2 focuses more on the decline of Michael we still get to see some of their masterpieces including a stunning clip of “Suicide Blonde” from their 1990 “X” album.

By this stage, Luke Arnold not only channelled the lead singer, he physically could almost be mistaken for him. When you watch the “Suicide Blonde” clip you could be forgiven for thinking you’re watching the real thing.

His relationship with British TV host Paula Yates is magnificently portrayed and shows just what an intense spotlight they had to live under, with no privacy and 24/7 intrusion by a hungry press pack.

Michael’s love for Paula and his child Tiger Lily is beautiful, but as you will see it also contributes to his death at the Ritz Carlton in Double Bay in 1997.

Part 2 has a totally different feel from the previous episode, but the real story had to be told, complete with it’s awful moments and ultimate tragedy. I’m giving the second episode 4.5 stars.


  1. Looking forward to it tonight! Great Aussie TV Dramas never disappoint!

  2. Well, I gasped and my eyes filled with tears when I realised that it was Michael on stage in those last few minutes. It was a story, an interesting recount until that moment and then it was personal.
    Loved the series. What a legacy he has left, beautiful music.


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