Jaywalking crackdown

Jaywalking crackdown

Working as a newsreader in Sydney it seems hardly a day goes by without someone being hit by a car or bus. Being a pedestrian can be dangerous these days!

In my opinion there are two major contributing factors to pedestrian accidents in our city. The biggest problem is people jaywalking, followed by people not looking where there going as they are distracted by their mobile phones or iPods.

I believe we need to do what they have done in Honk Kong. When I was there last month I noticed no-one crossed the road until the lights turned green.

That’s because there are huge fines for anyone who jaywalks. Importantly though,they have installed traffic lights that tell you how long you have to wait till you can cross.

It’s obviously worked, because that city does not have a problem with pedestrian accidents. Residents there apparently frown on anyone that attempts to cross the road illegally.

As for people not paying attention to the traffic here in Sydney because they’re on their phones or listening to music, it’s time for a good old fashioned education campaign to warn people they could end up another casualty.

It’s time for tough rules, because as things are Sydney has become a dangerous place for both pedestrians and the motorists trying to avoid them.

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