Coming Out And Being Gay, A Gift From God?

Coming Out And Being Gay, A Gift From God?

Apple’s chief executive has created headlines by coming out as gay! Timothy Cooke has become the most prominent executive of a public company to come out.

In an essay Mr Cook says “Let me be clear, I’m proud to be gay” and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has even given me”

While I may not necessarily about it being a “gift from God”, I think it’s great that a man is such a powerful position has made it clear there’s nothing to be ashamed of about your sexuality.

My dream is that one day in the future there will be no need to “come out” because we will all be humans without labels, but at the moment it is still necessary, given the discrimination and fear many people in the LGBTI community still suffer.

I remember when Ian Thorpe announced he was gay earlier this year, that some people asked whether it was really necessary?

In my opinion it was, as it is in this case, because we need to show governments who are still pursuing policies that discriminate, that we are a force to be reckoned with, and will not tolerate being second-class citizens.

High profile people coming out also helps young gay people with self-esteem issues, and will hopefully reduce the above average suicide rate.

So the more people that “come out” the better in my opinion, because eventually it will become a non-issue and we can all live together, in what I hope is more accepting society.

Only time will tell, but I think Timothy Cook’s “coming out” is a great move that will help million of LBTI people still struggling to be themselves, in this often cruel world.

Here’s Timothy earlier in the month, hinting that he may be ready to tell the world!

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