Do we really need this here?

Do we really need this here?

So Eden Wood wants to come to Australia for a price.
Just who is Eden Wood you may ask? Eden is a 6-year old beauty pageant queen from Iowa in the United States.

Her mum wants to bring a “Las Vegas” style show to Australia, complete with plumage and sequins, as part of Australia’s first U.S. style beauty pageant in Melbourne in July.

Eden’s manager has been asking for fees up to 20-thousand dollars to interview her client, who’s been labelled America’s prettiest girl.

I’m not saying we should ban this event, but it really worries me that young children are being used in this way.
If you think some soccer mums are bad, do some research into the way these mums push their daughters into these pageants.

On any weekend in the U.S., girls just out of nappies can been seen parading in tiaras in front of their proud mommies and dads.

Some have had thousands spent on them, to get that perfect look that will win the attention of the judges.
Can you imagine the pressure and psychological damage this must be doing to some kids ?

While not all kids would be suffering, I strongly believe these sort of events are not needed in Australia.

Maybe I’m over overreacting, but I’m sure encouraging this sort of event to take off in Australia will cause a lot of distress for some young girls, especially if they have pushy parents.


  1. So wrong in so many ways.

  2. There is something very wrong about this.
    Let them be kids.

  3. I wonder how much money the parents are getting ?

  4. I actually did a blog post on pageants. You can find it here

    I’m dead against pageants. I’ve watched Toddlers and Tiaras in horror at what the parents put their kids though.

    That picture above is not normal. No child should wear that much makeup. How can that be good for growing kids?

  5. It’s child abuse and therefore a crime.


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