The Pet Shop Boys

The Pet Shop Boys
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As many of you know I am a big fan of Neil Tenant and Chris Lowe AKA The Pet Shop Boys. Their career took off in 1985 with the world wide number 1 smash West End Girls and since then they have sold 50 million records, making them one of the most successful duos of all time.

So I was expecting a lot from their show at the Carriageworks at Redfern which was presented by the Vivid Festival. Let me tell you straight up: The show exceeded all my expectations in every way.

Where do I start!

The multimedia, the lights, the lasers, the special effects and smoke machines were truly gobsmacking and as good, if not better than any Mardi Gras show I’ve seen. But above all this it was the music that did it for me.

Neil Tenant’s haunting, but beautiful voice was let loose on an adoring audience from behind a sheer screen and the crowd went wild. The Pet Shop Boys started the set with an obscure track that only hard core fans would have known, before launching into their early hit Opportunities – Lets Make Lots Of Money.

From then on it was hit after hit including It’s A Sin, Always On My Mind, Being Boring, Suburbia and Go West.

Showing the “boys” still have a lot of creativity left in them, they performed a few songs from their latest album Electric, but 90% of the show they gave the crowd what they wanted, wall to wall Pet Shop Boys gold.

For me and I suspect many others, part of the appeal of the Pet Shop Boys has been their aloofness, mystery, and avant guarde aura. In their early years, both Neil and Chris often stood still on the stage for the entire performance in a deliberate “up your’s” to other bands of the time like Wham and Culture Club.

Last night’s performance showed Neil retaining that stillness, but also appearing to having fun interacting with an adoring audience too while Chris remained firmly planted beyond his keyboards with no visible facial expressions.

I can honestly say it was one of the most amazing concerts I have ever seen and I’m hoping The Pet Shop Boys will return soon for a full tour of Australia.


– Geoff saw The Pet Shops at the Carriageworks in Sydney on Saturday 7th June as a guest of Vivid Sydney.


  1. Sounds amazing! Thank you for sharing your experience and for the fantastic photos!
    The Pet Shop Boys have given us great songs and its brilliant to know they’ve still got it.
    Like you, I hope their enduring success and talent results in a wider Australian tour!

  2. Glad you had a great time, Geoff. I actually like some of their songs my favourite being Go West.

  3. Agree with your review 100 percent.
    We loved the show, the lights the music, the vibe, and we are going again tonight

  4. That sounds spectacular Geoff, Neil certainly has a one of a kind voice and I can only imagine how hauntingly wonderful it would be behind a screen. I love the band and am so glad that they played all their hits and am glad that you had a wonderful time – I knew you would and I would never expect them to be less than ‘Absolutely Fabulous’ 🙂

  5. Thank you Geoff for your review Brilliant written would’ve loved to see them this is the best

  6. “What a blast from the past Geoff!” These Boy’s are still one of th best groups from the 80’s… very lucky to see them live and in such a great venue! Terrific review! A&L

  7. A truly wonderful show.

  8. Wow it reminds me when I saw them a few years ago on nye

    Sounds like an amazing memorable night

  9. Nice article. Really. Apart from one detail. 90% PSB Gold? (As in hit singles). A few off new album?…. Wrong completely.

    Played off the new album….

    1. Axis
    2. Fluorescent
    3. Love Is A Bourgouis Construct
    4. Thursday
    5. Vocal

    Plus B-Sides

    It’s a great concert. Been 4 times and still got 2 more to go.

    Just a little rattled about all the reviews I have seen in the past while. Not one has been accurate.

    This is the best one so far though apart from the detail above.

    • Geoff

      Thanks Steve, Yes technically you are right – but I thought it was a great mix of mainly familiar songs, peppered with some new stuff – thanks for feedback, and glad u enjoyed the shows too!

  10. We went on Sunday night and loved it too Geoff.
    Loved your review, and we agree it was a great mix of new and mainly old hits.
    Hope they come back soon.


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